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Summerfield is a town in North Carolina with the motto "Respectful of the Past; Focused on the Future." Its population has grown by roughly 50% since the 2000 census and is currently estimated to be 11,278. Though small, the town is steadily growing and has transformed over the last few decades from a rural farming area into a bedroom community. Summerfield ranks fourth on a list of "Best Places to Live in the Greensboro Area" by, rating particularly highly in terms of its job opportunities and public school system. Most residents own their own homes and the town's median home value sits at $350,200, nearly double the national average. With excellent employment, education, housing, Summerfield makes a great place to build a house, settle down, and raise a family. When you've invested in a home here, you want to take pride in keeping it looking it's best. For the finest local interior and exterior painting services, contact the team at Carlos' Paint Company.

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Carlos' Paint Company has served the Summerfield community since 1996. Over the years, our expert painting contractors have helped countless homeowners with a variety of home improvement projects. Beyond interior and exterior painting, we also offer drywall and carpentry services, power washing, wood repairs, and more. We are thankful for every opportunity we receive to help add some beauty to our local area. Contact our painting contractors today for an estimate in Summerfield, NC!